Daily Rental ¥500 per day , Monthly Rental ¥4,500 per month.

Recommended for Tourists, Students, Professionals, and Businessmen.

The Pocket WiFi Router is a useful piece of hardware, that allows the user to stay connected, via the internet, at all times. It is particularly useful for individuals who require a constant high-speed access for work, business and pleasure.

The Sim free JT101 is a versatile portable WiFi router that can deliver great browsing speeds and interconnectivity between devices, at the most affordable price. The data service is provided via AXGP, LTE and CDMA networks of Softbank (Japan’s iconic telecommunications giant). This ensures greater network reach and reliable upload & download speeds. The router itself can be simultaneously connected with up to 10 devices (including smartphones, laptops, gaming devices, computers, TVs, etc.).

Experience browsing, emailing, chatting, gaming, video streaming and even TV broadcasts (with additional apps) at phenomenal speeds!


This service is particularly useful to students, professionals and visiting businessmen coming to Japan for education, work and business purposes.

The client is provided with a fully activated Pocket Wi-Fi Router and accessories, which can be set up within minutes for use. The router contains a SIM card that provides connectivity in all regions within Japan. The router can be connected with up to 10 different devices simultaneously, if necessary. The download rates are sufficient for all activities including browsing, emailing, music and video streaming, online conferencing and gaming.

We are currently offering the following rental plans:
a) Daily Rental Plan (¥500/Day, Minimum Rental Period 7 days) (Clients are charged for at least 7 days, irrespective of actual usage)
b) Monthly Rental Plan (¥4,500/Month, 2 Year Contract Period)

Pocket WiFi Rental Package (Breakdown)


If you are a tourist or short-term visitor, looking for 24-hour portable access to the internet, look no further! Keep yourself connected with our high-speed, unlimited data plan. With a country-wide coverage, no matter where you are, enhance your stay with our high-speed internet service. Up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously, making it ideal for a group of travelers.

This is a hassle-free offer, that does not require any lengthy contracts, cumbersome data limits, or penalties for early cancellation. The application process is very simple and quick. The client needs to fill out our rental application form and pay ¥12,000 in advance (as deposit fee). After the intended period of usage, just call us to cancel your service, and mail/hand-over the rental items. We shall deduct your charges (¥500/day + ¥5,000 Service Charge), and refund the rest. If you require us to transfer the money to your account (locally or abroad), you will also need to pay for any bank transfer charges (if applicable).

The minimum rental period (for which you will be charged) is 7 days.

Please be sure to return all the rental items to our office, either by mail or hand delivery. Depending on the circumstance, a penalty fee may be charged for any loss or damage.


If you are planning to stay in Japan for at least 2 years, we recommend that you subscribe to the Monthly Rental Plan. For just ¥4,500 per month, avail yourself the unlimited data plan. Experience browsing, emailing, chatting, gaming and video streaming at phenomenal speeds!

The client shall enter a 2-year contract, and agree to provide a 1-month notice for any early cancellations. An activated device will be provided (and no setup is necessary). All devices are thoroughly checked for defects, before shipping. They are certified to be in perfect working order.

The client needs to fill out our rental application form and pay ¥12,000 in advance. After completing the contract term, and return of the device, we shall refund ¥5,000. For early cancellations, please refer to the refund plan mentioned earlier.

Rental charges are paid via a Japan postal account (provided in the package). By the 25th of each month, the client must transfer money with ¥4,500 from an affiliated JP post or ATM nearby. If not charged by the 25th of each month, the service will stop automatically. The data connection is restored if the card is recharged within the same month. If not, the contract is automatically canceled, and the user forfeits the deposit refund claim. Usually, a 1-month notice is required for this.

After the intended period of use, the client must return the router and all other accessories (including the box) at his/her own expense. After confirming the condition of the returned items, we shall make arrangements to refund the deposit fee. The client is responsible for any and all bank transactions fees (if applicable).


  • Daily and Monthly Rental Plans
  • Affordable Fees
  • Simple Product Setup
  • Fast Upload/Download Speeds
  • Country-wide Network Coverage
  • Superior Device Connectivity (up to 10 devices)
  • 24-hour Recharge and Use Facility
  • Simple Application Process
  • Multilingual Support


304hw specs
304hw models


Huawei 304HW WiFi Modem               x1
Data SIM Card (pre-installed)              x1
USB Cable                                               x1
User Manual                                            x1


The client can send us requests for the Pocket Wifi Router via emails or orders through our website.

We shall require the following documents from the applicant:
a) A photocopy of the Passport and/or Resident Card (issued by the immigration office)
b) A valid address in Japan where the applicant will stay (or is currently staying).


Please make all funds payable to:

Japan Post Bank
Account No. 10180-87094251
Payee: Miran International.

Upon receiving all the necessary information and payment, we shall make all necessary arrangements.

The client will be notified via email (or through phone calls if required) at all stages of the process.


1) The client shall send orders for the Pocket Wifi Router (JT101) to Miran International by email (miraninter25@gmail.com) or via the website.

2) For each unit, ¥12,000 has to be transferred to Miran International (via official bank account). Or we can provide wi-fi by cash on delivery (COD).

3) Miran International will supply activated units within 48-72 hours of receiving the order.

4) During sign-up, Miran International shall collect copies of the passport or resident card, along with other basic information.

5) The client must select between the following delivery options:
a) Mail Delivery to a valid address within Japan (charges apply)
b) Pickup at our office in Tokyo (Free)

6) The Daily Rental Plan charges are deducted from the deposit upon service termination. To keep the Monthly Rental Plan active, the user must recharge the Smartpit Card with ¥4,500 by the 25th day of each month.

7) The rental charge is based on a 30-day cycle (starting from the 1st day of every month). The 1st month’s rental charge is applicable for ≤ 30 days (until the 20th day of the next month).

8) Actual data transfer rates may vary according to the user’s location and device conditions (e.g. Signal Strength, Charge Level etc.). Quoted rates are for reference purposes only.

9) The Daily Rental Plan has a 7-Day minimum contract period. The minimum rental fee charged is for 7-days (at ¥500/day). For the Monthly Rental Plan, the minimum contract period is 2 years. However, the end-user can cancel anytime by paying cancellation charges (deducted from the deposit fee):

a) Cancellation after 1-23 months usage = ¥0 Refund
b) Completion of 2 years = ¥5,000 Refund

10) For Daily Rental Plan, a Service Charge is deducted from the deposit fee at the end of the rental period. It is ¥5,000.

11) All rental items must be returned upon cancellation. Additional charges may apply for damaged or lost items.